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Selected Articles from 'God Number'
(Published in 1934)

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These articles may be downloaded for personal use only. These are in pdf format and
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these articles.
 To download the articles right
click on the article and click "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". You can, however, read the article on-line by clicking on the article.

A Devotee's Prayer (By J. N. Chaudhuri) (714 KB)
Bhagavan (By Hanuman Prasad Poddar)
(230 KB)
Brahma (God) Exists (By Swami Sivananda) (1007 KB)
Communism in Gita (By Jayadayal Goyandaka) (616 KB)
Conception of God in the various Schools of Hindu Philosophy (by Swami Dayanand) (2359 KB)
Devotee (By Hanuman Prasad Poddar) (730 KB)
Factors contributory to Spiritual advancement (by Hanumanprasad Poddar) (739 KB)
Faith in God Series - Question (138 KB)
          Article-1 (By Gopinath Kaviraj) (3094 KB)
          Article-2 (By Sri Uria Swamiji Maharaj) (1193 KB)
          Article-3 (By Swami Sri Hari Babaji) (513 KB)
          Article-4 (By Jaya Dayal Goyandka) (942 KB)
          Article-5 (By a saint living by the side of the Ganges (1783 KB)
          Article-6 (By Hanuman Prasad Poddar) (750 KB)
          Article-7 (By Panchanana Tarkaratna) (665 KB)
          Article-8 (By Madan Mohan Sastri) (383 KB)
          Article-9 (By Sri Anand Sarup Sahebji Maharaj) (222 KB)
          Article-10 (By L. R. Pangarkar) (822 KB)
Healing by Mantra-Sakti (by Swami Dayanand) (368 KB)
Love of God (634 KB)
'Mutterings' and 'Hoverings' of Vedanta (by Advaitanandi Shant Yoganand) (471 KB)
Mysticism (Mystically Viewed) (by Jayantilal Acharya) (810 KB)
Prayer - A Sheer Necessity (by Mahatma M. K. Gandhi) (285 KB)
Realization of the Self - What is 'Truth' (574 KB)
Stumbling-blocks in the Path of God-realization (by Hanumanprasad Poddar) (1263 KB)
The Ancient Faith and the Modern Mind (by T. L. Vaswani) (692 KB)
The fundamental principle of Hindu Culture as revealed in the most ancient Samskrit Literature
(by Batuknath Sarma) (619 KB)
The God who cares (by J. T. Sunderland D. D.) (1194 KB)
The Governing idea of Indian Culture (by Anilbaran Roy) (782 KB)
The Hindu idea of God (by Sir S. Radhakrishnan , Kt.) (770 KB)
The Secret of India's Greatness
(by His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj of Sri Govardhana Pitha, Puri)
          Part-1 (475 KB)
          Part-2 (1091 KB)
          Part-3 1476 KB)
          Part-4 (674 KB)
          Part-5 (712 KB)
          Part-6 (714 KB)
          Part-7 (771 KB)
          Part-8 (634 KB)
The Prahlada Ideal in Education (by Biswanath Ayyvr.) (965 KB)
The Relation of Soul to God (by Swami Abhedanand) (1216 KB)
The Revelations of a Saint (by Swami Narayana Paramahamsa) (1619 KB)
The Trinity of Human Beingness (by Li Hong Chong) (338 KB)
The Universe (by Vidyanand) (371 KB)
Twenty Important Spiritual Instructions (by Swami Sivanand Saraswati) (270 KB)
Ubiquity of the Divine Personality - a Scientific Conception (by Ramdas Gour) (542 KB)
Worship (by Swami Asangananda) (1378 KB)

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